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SJC Puma Legacy Announces Hall of Fame/Wall of Honor Event

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

Save the date for the Mara ‘78, Mike, and Garrett ‘11 Davis” Athletics Hall of Fame and Wall of Honor Luncheon - April 30, 2023


A growing group of alumni and Rensselaer community members have organized an effort to bring back the Saint Joseph’s College Athletic Hall of Fame and Wall of Honor team award. Our “Title Sponsor” is the Davis Family - Mara ‘78, Mike and Garrett ‘11. The SJC Puma Legacy Corporation (SJCPL) is registered as a 501(c)(3) in Indiana and donors are eligible for tax deductions. Starting in 1969, this will be the 50th Hall of Fame celebration in our 127 year history. The honoree to be recognized as the GOLDEN PUMA for 2023 is:

Jimmy Thordsen ‘75 - the only Puma athlete to have his jersey retired.

Our “Title Our “Title Sponsor” is the Davis Family - Mara ‘78, Mike and Garrett ‘11

The purpose of SJC Puma Legacy is to preserve the positive legacy of Saint Joseph’s College, Rensselaer, IN (SJC) for the SJC community (alumni and former faculty and staff) and the Rensselaer and surrounding communities. In addition, we recognize that information about the history and connections with the C.PP.S (Missionaries of the Precious Blood), Fr. Banet, Chicago Bears, Charlie Halleck, Gil Hodges and others is of interest to the broader national and global communities. We will strive to preserve this legacy in various ways, including, but not limited to, hosting an annual Hall of Fame event, continuing to contribute to the online SJC archives, and creating and maintaining a website dedicated to this cause.

We have scheduled the “Mara ‘78, Mike, and Garrett ‘11 Davis” Athletics Hall of Fame and Wall of Honor induction for a noon luncheon on Sunday, April 30, 2023, at the impressive Fair Oaks Farm Resort near Rensselaer. We anticipate having 6 athletes, 1 Special Category (coach, volunteer, staff, etc.) and 1 Wall of Honor team to be recognized annually. The 2023 SJC Athletics HOF/WOH class include:

  • Bill Gill ’98 Men’s Soccer

  • Tamara Bumpers Chavis ’00 Women’s Basketball

  • Matt Springer ’07 Men’s Golf

  • Kaleb Thompson ’12 Men’s Track and Field

  • Phil Collins ’12 Men’s Basketball

  • Julian Walker ’14 Football

  • Wall of Honor Team Award: The 2012 Women’s Softball Team

  • Special Category: 2012 Women’s Softball Head Coach Frank Wilkins

For future SJC Athletics HOF forward nominations to Also, to continue the activities of SJC Puma Legacy and similar to the Purple Tie Dinners, we are seeking the following:

1. SJCPL Board Members

2. Volunteers for the HOF luncheon on April 30

3. Affiliate Sponsors - $2,000

4. Purple Table Sponsor (8) - $1,500

5. Cardinal Table Sponsor (8) - $1,250

6. Sponsored Table (2) - $250

7. Individual Ticket Purchase:

$75 for regular attendee

$50 for former HOF member (Contact Carol at

$15 for kids’ menu 3 - 13 years old

Age 0 - 2 children free of charge

HOF/WOH Inductees special price

8. Tax Deductible Donations of any amount will be recognized publicly and in the HOF/WOH program with special notice for the following: GOLD LEVEL $5,000 and up SILVER LEVEL $2,500 - $4,999 BRONZE LEVEL up to $2,499

# Contact OR 206-513-6550 for details as the Davis Family, John Gause ‘84, Peter Shen ‘63 and Mike Vallone ‘60 and all SJCPL Board Members have already contributed.

Based on our research there are many deserving Pumas who should be considered for the SJC Athletic Hall of Fame and Wall of Honor teams. We will be able to continue this effort to fondly remember the best experiences of our lives as Pumas for decades.

Let us know if you have any questions, and please join our 50th Hall of Fame recognition on Sunday, April 30, 2023.

Thank you,


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